Свечана академија 2


With the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch of Serbian Irineј, the Fraternity of the Church of the Lord's Ascension in the center of Belgrade and Radio "The Letter of Love" of the Belgrade-Karlovac Archdiocese, and according to the script and the idea of Dragan Tadić, was organized a solemn academy dedicated to Saint Despot Stefan in the Vaznesenjska church tonight. Since Nebojsa Mastilović and Jelena Jež sang Očenas, the program was attended by writer Luka Mičeta, priest Sreten Lazarević and colonel Stevica Karapandžin, as well as actors Branislav Platiš and Dragica Ristanović and poet Marijana Pilipović, and finally in the port of the church, the knights of Svibora showed their knights skills. The program was led by Bojana Jovanović. In the end, the host, Jerej Arsenije Arsenijević, an elder of the Vaznesenjska church, greeted the gathered and announced the academies for the coming years and this extended scope.