недеља крстопоклона

The third week of the Holy Quadragesima is dedicated to celebrating and glorifying the Holy and Life-giving Cross of the Lord. In one liturgical song, we chant the Cross, the guardian of the whole universe, the Honorable Baptism is the support of the faithful, the glory of Angels and the wounds (pain) of the demons. In the time of the Great Lent in the fasting and subconscious, we need support and consolation so that we do not fall. That support, consolation and strength in the midst of the Holy forty gives us the power of the Holy and Life-giving Cross of the Lord.

In our temple the Holy Liturgy was served by father Vladimir Stanimirović, together with the service of the retired father Novo Gojić and three deacons. In his speech fr. Vlada spoke aboutthe importance of the cross and the undertaking for our salvation (listen).