At the time when the Roman Empire ruled the wicked Emperor Diocletian, the terrible torture and persecution of the followers of Christ arose. Saint George was born in Cappadocia, and from a small age he was raised and educated very piously. His parents were prominent and benevolent people. His father died martyrdom for Christ, and his mother later moved with him to his native Palestine. He grew up in a beautiful and brave young man, and he was taken to serve in the army of the mentioned earlier emperor Diocletian. In his twenties, he received a high rank of tribune (in the rank of today's colonel), but because of the courage shown in battle, the emperor produced him in the Duke. But since he was a Christian, he opposed the emperor on his order that all Christians should be tormented and cruelly killed. He gifted all his property and went for his faith and truth. The Emperor was very angry about this, and orders him to be thrown into the prison, and he was tormented by him in order to change his mind. But all these troubles did not affect young George, but on the contrary, they strengthen his faith in Christ, and he even more takes praise and gratitude to God. His troubles were terrible, but his faith was so strong that even though he was broken in pieces and as a reed broken, he endured everything, he knew that the Lord was with him because he sent an angel in the form of a young man who encouraged him with the words: "Rejoice "! Seeing that scene, the soldiers frightened and immediately informed the Emperor of everything, and he ordered that the holy martyr George be cast into a trench full of lime and be kept tattered for three days. But this could not hurt the saint, which greatly angered the emperor, and he made other troubles that continued to torture George, but everything was in vain, because it was the will of God to make St. George the crown of eternal glory.

They exacerbated young George together with Empress Alexander, who himself received Christ's faith on April the 23rd, year 303

The Liturgy in our temple on the feast of Holy Martyr George was served by the elder of the Temple Jerej Arsenije Arsenijević with the service of proto-monk Nenad Mihajlović (listen).