The Sunday Myrrhholders is dedicated to the women of the holders of myrrh, the first witnesses of the resurrection of Christ, and also to Joseph of Arimathea, one of the secret christian disciples, as well as Nicodemus, who secretly came to Christ and listened to his teachings. Both of them performed the funeral of Christ. In addition to Mary of Magdalene, other holders of myrrh, who came to the grave to help Christ on the first day of the week wereSalome, the daughter of Joseph the Baptist, and the wife of Zeved, mother of the Apostle Johnthe Baptist and James and Mary, the mother of James the Little and Josiah (Mk 15 , 40). Apostle Luke also mentions Johnnah (Luke 24:10).

This year, on Sunday of zhe myrrhholders, fell also and the celebration of Saint Vasilije from Ostrog, the great protector of the Srbian families. This Sunday's liturgical assembly was led by archipriest Dragan Radovanović, with the four priests and three deacons serving with. Father Dragan spoke, and the liturgy was attended by members of the Serbian Armed Forces.

At the End of the Holy Liturgy, the Slavic cake was cut into the glory and honor of the Women of Myrhholders, who are the protectors of our sisters who help with our temple (listen).