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Ascension Day lithium


Ascension Day is the holiday that Christians celebrate the Holy Ascension . It always falls on a Thursday , forty days of Holy Resurrection , and ten days before Pentecost , the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles.

On Ascension Day in 1349. the first serbian king Stefan Uros the fourth Dušan the Mighty Nemanjić published its Code, a collection of laws that oblige his subjects and himself . Also on Ascension Day, 1354. has amended the Code . It was during the peak of Serbs statehood up to present day.

At the height of spiritual , cultural and artistic flowering of the Serb people, Despot Stefan Lazarevic Hrebeljanović the High in 1403. City of Belgrade proclaimed capital of, dedicated it to the Blessed Virgin Mary, his protectors, as Belgrade's glory is determined Ascension.

Lithium is a liturgical act, sort of prayer ritual, which is performed outside the temple of the great Christian feasts . It is a solemn, cathedral procession of the faithful, led by priests with crosses, church banners and icons.

On the lithium flag that is worn on the head of the Belgrade Spasovdanska Lithium is the front of the Icon of the Holy Ascension and gold thread embroidered inscription "Municipality of Belgrade 1938", on the other hand is an icon of the Holy Mother Paraskeva and the inscription "The baptismal name celebrating - that and help. "

Upon completion of the Divine Liturgy in the church, Spasovdanska procession starts from Church of the Holy Ascension, at Gepratova 19, and goes through Knez Milos Street and King Milan Street to Terazije. First time stop is at Terazije fountains, water sources, where the clergy and people pray to God for the health of Belgrade. Further it advances from Terazije to Knez Mihailova Street, King Peter, or Paris and Sima Markovic, to the Cathedral and the building of the Patriarchate. Here the participants of the procession stop for the second time and pray to God for sparing Belgrade from suffering, for peace and progress. Lithium then moves down streets Sima Markovic, Pop Luke, Branko (formerly Economic), Queen Natalija, Dobrinjska and Gepratova, again to the Ascension Church yard. In southwest part of the yard, in front of a stone cross, prayers are for the repose of the souls of the fallen heroes of Belgrade. This ends procession.

Pictures are from 1994. – 2010. period:

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