The Eighth Sunday upon the fest of Holy Spirits is dedicated to the celebration of the first six Universal Convocations and fathers who have won upon heretical teachings. Today our church celebrates holy martyr Marine, the fiery Mary.
The liturgy was served by Arsenije Arsenijević, and the sermon about the multiplication of bread was presented by deacon Radomir Čvoro.



The seventh Sunday after the fest of Holy Spirits, Liturgy was served by priest Arsenije Arsenijević, together with the brothers of our temple. Fr.Arsenije also presented the sermon about today's gospel that describes the healing of the blind (recording).




This week the liturgy was served bz the priest Milojko Milijancević, together with the brothers of our temple. Radomir Čvoro, deacon, presented the sermon (recording). 




On the feast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, the priest Dragan Radovanovic served the liturgy together with the brothers of our temple. Father Dragan also presented the sermon about the life and role of the Holy Apostles that we are celebrating today (recording).

Due to the great heat, the evening service is shifted at 6pm. until the 1st of september 2017.



The liturgy was served by the archipriest Milojko Milijancević, who also staged on the gospel story of the healing of a greatmartyr (recording).


Today our holy church фестс and celebrates the birth of St. John the Baptist. The prophet, the forerunner, and the baptist of the Lord, John. Our sacred church celebrates three birthdays, Christmas - the birth of Christ, little Gospojina - the birth of the Holy Virgin and today's holiday - the birth of Jovan. Consequently, the Lord through the church showed where the place of glory St. John belongs, immediately alongside Christ and the purifier,  preach the Virgin Mary.

The liturgy was presented by a archipriest Milosav Radojević, who also staged the homily (recording).



In the fourth week the Liturgy was served by priest Arsenije Arsenijević, the elder of the temple of the Lord's Ascension, presented the liturgy, who also staged to the present gospel (footage). We have an example in today's gospel of that captain in Kapernaum who not only recognized the Lord, but he felt all his strength and he bestowed the Lord in the best way.





A lecture on the theme "Media War - Media Manipulation from Yugoslavia to Ukraine" was held in the parish home of our temple (recording).


Today our holy church celebrates the feast of St. Martyr Prince of Serbian Lazarus with all newmartyrs of Serbia. Arsenije Arsenijević together with the clergyman and the deacon of our temple, served the liturgy. Arseny also staged about today's holiday (footage). At the end of the liturgy, a celebratory cake was cut in honor of today's holiday, and a commemoration was served to all the dead and dead slaves of God who laid down their lives for the defense of the Serbian state for the freedom of the Serbian people from the time of the Kosovo battle to this day.