Blessed are you, O Christ of our God, who have shown the apostles to bow down to the hunters by sending them the Holy Spirit, by means of which you have obtained the Glory of mankind to you.

On the feast of the Holy Spirit's shedding on the apostles, the liturgical assembly was served by archipriestMilojko Mililijancević. After the Holy Liturgy, the Evening Service was held on which prayers for the blessing of the grass were read. Father Milojko spoke (listen).

Гугл промоција

Within the Spiritual Evenings traditionally held at the Church of Ascension in Belgrade on Tuesday, the 11th of June, 2019, Mr. Nenad Gugl promoted his book "I Died on Friday" (listen).

Недеља Светих Отаца Првог Васељенског сабора

On Sunday, when we recall the 318 fathers of the First Ecumenical Council, the Holy Eucharist was served by priest Valdimir Stanimirović with the service of archipriest Novo Gojić and the protodeacon Stevica Rapaić. Father Arsenije Arsenijević was speaking (listen).

Спасовдан 1

After the Holy Liturgy, served by the Holy Bishop of Remezija, mr. Stefan, Vicar of the Patriarchate of Serbia, through the central city streets passed the solemn lithium, alongside the bishop Stefan and the mayor of the city Dr. Zoran Radojičić, were the President of the City Assembly Nikola Nikodijević, the deputy mayor Goran Vesić, the assistant mayor Andreja Mladenović, members of the City Council, secretaries, utility companies directors, municipal presidents, representatives of the MIA, the Serbian Armed Forces, the clergy of the Serbian Orthodox Church, as well as numerous citizens.

Спасовдан 2

Спасовдан 3

In Belgrade, Spasovdan was celebrated - an attachment the TV Temple

цар Константин и царица Јелена

At the feast of the Holy Emperor Constantine and his mother Empress Jelena the Eucharist assembly was administrated by Arsenije Arsenijević, together with the brothers of our temple. Father Arsenijе spoke (listen).

Недеља слепог

In the sixth week after Easter, when the Holy Gospel of John reads the story of the healing of the blind (zk34, 9: 1-38), the Holy Liturgy was served by an elder, Arsenije Arsenijević, with the redeeming of the retired priest Novo Gojić and deacon Boško Savić. Father Arseny spoke (listen).


Professor of the Orthodox Theological Faculty of the University of Belgrade, archipriest Radomir Rasa Popović, a professor at the Department of Church History, delivered a lecture at the premises of the Vaznesnjska Church in Belgrade on the topic "St. Justin Celiski as a writer of the Saints Zitya" (listen).


The history of the present Gospel of the Ladies Samaritans gives us various lessons, because the Savior Jesus Christ clearly shows us both as God and as a man: then he presents us with his particular humanity and sincerity, and at the same time as faith, and the loyalty of the Samaritan women, and their fellow citizens who believed in the Lord. He still teaches us how large is the grace of God's, what the true gift of belittling the Creator should be, and what power and help has the salvation word of the Savior.

In the fifth week after the resurrection of Christ, the Sunday of ladies Samaritans, the Eucharist assembly was led by priest Vladimir Stanimirović, the paroch of the IV parish at our temple. He also spoke on the subject of the read Gospel (listen).

Света браћа Кирило и Методије

On the day when our Holy Church remembers the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius of the Enlighteners of the Slavs, and in the year when this holiday became the official state holiday of the Republic of Serbia in the temple of the Lord's Ascension in Belgrade, the Holy Liturgy was served by archipriest Milojko Milijancević with the service of the brothers of our Holy Temple.

Александар Аздејковић

Deakon Aleksandar Azdejković, author of the book "The suffering of the Rakovica Parochia", held a lecture on the topic "The suffering of the Serbian Church in Belgrade during 1944-1945" in the framework of the Spiritual Evenings in the hall of the Church of Ascension in Belgrade.