Mr. Vladimir Medenica's lecture (recording), under the theme of Cross of Serbia, once again gathered a large number of listeners, who have attentively followed his presentation.




The Holy and Great Wednesday commanded Holy Fathers that we serve commemoration to woman harlot who who anointed the Lord with peace; as this happened just before the life-saving suffering.





In Sinaksaru for today is interpreted the story of the five wise and five foolish girls. Holy Fathers of the Church dedicated the story to the memory of the Great Tuesday, because it is Christ Himself upon entering Jerusalem was saying that story to his holy disciples and apostles and Judahs who were listening to him.. In commenting on this story holy Fathers say ...



Temple of Holy Ascension in Belgrade organize

Wednesday 27.4. 2016 at 7pm.


Lectures are held on Wednesdays at 7pm. in the parish hall of the Church of the Ascension at home



Holy, the great week of suffering dedicated to savior and suffering venture through which Christ going to the suffering saves man.
Great Monday is dedicated to the memory of the righteous Joseph, the youngest son of Jacob, who was by his brothers because of envy sold into slavery for thirty pieces of silver, as well as was Christ also sold and betrayed for thirty pieces of silver.



Holy Liturgy at today's feast of Christ's entry into Jerusalem was served by Bishop of Toplica Mr. Arsenije, vicar of the Serbian Patriarch Irinej. Presenting the sermon of the Gospel according to (recording), Reverend Bishop, with his prayer i addressed to all the faithful and called to continue in perseverance in venture and humility, obedience, repentance, and during the next week, which celebrates sufferings of Christ with savior and redemption for us , and so spending the days of following Sunday, we are graced with the joy of the Resurrection of Christ.



The children were first rushed to meet him singing osana Savior, when Christ entering Jerusalem. Since then, one of the most joyful holidays for children is the vrbica ie. blooms. Every year, to celebrate this holiday brings together a multitude of children, more than usual and the joy that children create celebrateing the feast, giving us "adults" instruction with so much joy sincere and spontaneous, right from the heart, to celebrate the holidays given us to salvation and consolation.




Feast of the Resurrection of Lazarus, mostly children are happy because of Vrbica and bells that announce a holiday. After the liturgy served by fr.Milosav afternoon starts at 16 o'clock with the serve, and lithium (Willow day) and the festive vigil, all are invited , especially children.



Maundy Thursday
08:00 Liturgy
17:00 Vigil

Good Friday
07:00 Imperial Classes
16:00 Evening service wth presenting capes
20:00 Vigil with Statije

Great Saturday
09:00 Liturgy
24:00 Easter vigil in continuation with Easter liturgy


vaskrsenje-hristovo Sunday - RESURRECTION OF CHRIST
09:00 Liturgy
17:00 Easter evening service

The bright Monday
08:00 Easter vigil in continuation with liturgy
17:00 Easter evening service

The Bright Tuesday
08:00 Easter vigil in continuation with liturgy
17:00 Easter evening service

From the bright mid-continued regular schedule of worship




7:00 Matins in continuatin Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts
17:00 Matins of Holy Tuesday

07.30 Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts
17:00 Matins of Holy Wednesday

07.30 Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts
17:00 Matins of Holy Thursday