The second vigil has been called the vigil of akatistt because the akatist of Most Holy Mother of God is read. Vigil was served by Archpriest Stavrophor Milosav together with Protodeacon Nenad with the presence of a large number of faithful who participated in worship. During the service the icon of  Annunciation was presented for kissing, because the aktist is mentioned to that holiday.



Today's liturgy was served by priest Vladimir Stanimirović together with Protodeacon Nenad Mihajlović. Tonight, starting at 5pm. begins the second vigil with akatist of Most Holy Mother of God.




After the effort of Evening service, the next morning the liturgy of the Presanctified gifts was served as consolation and invigoration. The Liturgy was erved by Fr. priest Mihailo together with  Protodeacon Nenad, to the spiritual joy and salvation of all the faithful in attendance.



Those interested in the problem of autism, had the opportunity to watch a short documentary film on the subject. The filmmaker, Željko Gardović the priest, approached the topic of autism to the general public, as well as the attitude of priests and experts in the field of autism.





Fifth week of Lent two vigils are served , the first served vigil is on Wednesday at 5 pm. Vigil was served by priest Arsenije Arsenijević together with his templeood brothers and participation of a large number of believers.

Next, we serve the second vigil on Friday 15.4. starting at 5pm.




As for the great feast every Wednesday, today has been served the liturgy of Presanctified gifts. Fr. priest Arsenije Arsenijević with the presence of believers, including students in special schools for hearing impaired children Sv.Stefan Dečanski in Belgrade, who came for the holy communion gifts. Tonight is generally worship the first vigil starting at 17:00 and tomorrow, for the effort to Evening serve the Liturgy of the Presanctified gifts is serving starting at 7:30.






Wednesday 13.4. 2016. at 7pm.

Documentary film about autism


Author of the film: priest Željko Gardović

Tilm comented by; Austrian-Bishop and Bishop of

Swiss Mr.Adrej, Ph.D.

Nenad Glumbić, mr.Ljiljana Ćirović,

psychologist Irena Vanić, tatjana

Nikolajević parent from Vrsac, Dušan

Janjanin parent from Belgrade. duration

the film is 35 minutes.

Lectures are held on Wednesdays at 7pm. in the hall o refractory of the

Church of the Ascension





The fourth week of fasting celebrate St John Climacus, whose life became the pattern for all ascetics.



Monday :

7:30 Matins

17:00 Evening Service

Tuesday :

7:30 Matins

17:00 Evening Service


Wednesday :

7:00 Matins in continuation with hours and the Liturgy of presanctified gifts

17:00 The first vigil

Thursday :

7:00 Matins in continuation with hours and the Liturgy of presanctified gifts

17:00 Preevening Service

Friday :

7:00 Matins in continuation with hours and the Liturgy of presanctified gifts

17:00 The second vigil

Saturday :

7:30 Liturgy

17:00 Vigil

Sunday :

09:00 Liturgy

17:00 Evening Service






After the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, served by priest Vladimir Stanimirović, the altar entered the Holy Cross, which completed the week of adoration of the Holy Cross. The following presentation of the Holy Cross is the feast of the Raising of the Holy Cross.